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Krishna’s Arrow

“What about Krishna’s arrow?” I asked. McGinnis stirred slightly. He had it all prepared in his mind. “It’s that scene in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna is explaining to Arjuna what his attitude to action must be. Arjuna is about to lead his army against the evil Kauravas on the battlefiled of Kuru. The kauravas are the tundre sons of the blind king Dhritarashtra. But they are also Arjuna’s cousins, his blood, so to speak. He asks Krishna if it is moralo to shoot his bow in anger at them. It is curious, because everyone thinks Hinduism is all about inaction, passivity, renunciation. But not at all. Krishna says, in effect, “by all means, shoot your bow.” It is in fact moral to act, to be decisive. But it is not moral to attach yourself to the fruit of that action. When you no longer care where the arrow strikes, or if it strikes, you shoot with unerring determination and accuracy. You become the unattached arrow, liberated from its purpose and effect – but you also become pure action. I wonder if this idea made its way across the centuries to China, so that Lao-Tzu could say, “The highest man is at rest if dead, and in movement he is like a machine. He knows neither why he is at rest, now why he is not. Nor does he know why he is in movete and why he is not.” So freedom, you see, is like being a machine – or a dog.”

Lawrence Osborne, Bangkok Days

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